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Summer Crabb and Edson Alvarez

We’re Summer Crabb and Edson Alvarez, long-time Orlando residents and the local owners of Pet Wants South Orlando. We opened Pet Wants because we want the best and most nutritious food possible for our cherished pets and we know other people feel the same. We feel strongly that the fresh, slow cooked dog kibble gives our dogs and cat – Cockapoo Emmett, Goldendoodle Lexie, and cat Snowball – exactly what they need to stay healthy, energetic, and feel their best.

Pet Wants’ specially-crafted pet food formulas are made in small batches with fresh, natural ingredients enhanced with vitamins and minerals for a complete and balanced diet in every bowl. Pet Wants South Orlando offers multiple blends of dog and cat food formulas as well as healing salve, calming balm, anti-itch spray, paw wax, and more. Pet Wants South Orlando is a mobile business and we offer free, personal delivery to Conway, Belle Isle, SODO, Lake Nona, Lee Vista, and the surrounding areas.

Prior to launching Pet Wants, Summer worked at House of Blues and Edson has been working as a Sound Engineer for Film and TV for 15 years. After we had our son, Xavier, we decided it was time to pursue our long-time dream of owning our own business. We’ve always been passionate about animals (Summer grew up with show Collies – as many as six at once) and we got our first pet together back in 2015. When we heard about Pet Wants, it struck a chord.

Our dogs had skin allergy problems and the constant itching was making them miserable. As we were researching Pet Wants, we started feeding them Pet Wants food and the itching has gotten so much better. They are happier, healthier animals. We believe in Pet Wants and we know that some of the problems so many pet families face – like our dogs’ allergies – can improve with the right food and the right ingredients.

Pet Wants has a 100-percent, money-back guarantee on the freshness and quality of our food and we only source the best salmon, chicken, lamb, brown rice, and other ingredients available. There’s no sugar added, no fillers, and no animal by-products and Pet Wants never uses corn, wheat, soy, or dyes, which makes the food great for animals with allergies.

Our Spaw products are also especially helpful here in Orlando, specifically our paw wax, cooling spray, and insect repellent. With those three products, you can help protect your pets’ paws when they walk on the hot asphalt at the local farmers’ market, you can cool their hot spots, and you can help keep the bugs away.

Whether you’re ready to try a variety of our products or you want to start with a sample of our food, we’re looking forward to introducing you to Pet Wants and meeting your furry family members!